Decentralized Forward(Pre)-purchase oriented
Premium agricultural products & grocery e-commerce
What is BLOCERY?
Leveraging blockchain technology,
Blocery will make the reciprocal ecosystem
connecting both end-consumers and producers with reasonable benefits.
What is Blocery Fintech?
Blocery Fintech is a personal fintech service upon grocery value chain
to contribute to advancing payment to vendors from restaurants.
We tackle the problem of payment delay of vendors from restaurants.
Personal Investors can enjoy stable return streams via credit rate, making the whole ecosystem circulating virtuously.
Token Economy
  • Default-proof token escrow(Bilateral Escrow)
  • Commission revenue utilized to buyback BLCT at the market price
  • Exchange between BLCT and other currencies with cooperation with Exchanges
  • Participants rewards
Token Distribution
  • Total: 1,000,000,000BLCT
  • IEO Token Sales: 10,000,000 BLCT
Private Sales:
230,000,000 BLCT
Pre-purchase incentives:
200,000,000 BLCT
200,000,000 BLCT
Dapp user rewards:
200,000,000 BLCT
100,000,000 BLCT
Fintech incentives:
60,000,000 BLCT
IEO Sales:
10,000,000 BLCT
  • 23% Private Sales
  • 20% Pre-purchase incentives
  • 20% Team
  • 20% Dapp user rewards
  • 10% Partners
  • 6% Fintech incentives
  • 1% IEO Sales
2018 Q2
“Development of management technology of Production, Distribution and Consumption in Agricultural & Livestock Products using Blockchain” by S.Korean Ministry of Agriculture, food
2018 Q3
Team building, Advisory recruit

2018 Q4
Initiate Development

2019 Q1
MVP Completion
2019 Q2
Alpha Test Service
BLCT Token Generation Event
2019 Q3
RFID, IOT combined Use case

2019 Q4
Exchange Listing
Beta Test service
Official DApp service launch

Seung-Kyu Min
Agricultural Ecosystem Advisory
  • A vice minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • President of Korea Venture Agriculture College
  • Advisory on grocery distribution channel for Blocery ecosystem
  • Recruit producers to join Blocery
Stefen Meyer
IOT Technical Advisory
  • CTO of Ambrosus
  • IoT feasibility Advosory for BLOCERY service
  • General IoT Advice and guidance for BLOCERY service
Dai-Won Hyun
Digital Marketing Advisory
  • Professor, Communication, Sogang Univ.
  • Senior presidential secretary for future strategy
  • Advisory on communication between producers and consumers to get rid of friction on blockchain
  • Advisory on network effects of BLCT usage
강경필 변호사
Kyung-Pil Kang
Legal Advisory
  • Serves as a Representative attorney of Lee Hun law firm
  • Served as a Chief Prosecutor
  • Legal Advisory in ICO
  • Legal Advisory for Blocery ecosystem-building and Operation
Dae-Yong Jung
Blockchain Technical Advisory
  • Visa/ MasterCard internet based payment protocol set development
  • Bank co-management PIN pad prepaid credit card settlement system and operation
  • Blocery service security / cryptography advisory
  • Blocery Mainnet technique advisory
Jinwoo Ro
VC Investment Advisory
  • CEO of Hexlant
  • BLOCERY External Relations, Investment Advisory
  • BLOCERY Token Sale & Smart Contract
김재훈 대표_원형
Jae-Hun Kim
E-commerce Advisory
  • CEO of tablewithlife Inc.
  • CEO of SeasonLab Inc.
  • Agriculture advisor in Economic review weekly journal
  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Laureates(2018)
  • Foodist TV programs advisor
  • BLOCERY E-commerce Advisory
이지팜, 블록체인 관련 두 번째 특허권 취득
‘웹 세션 기반의 블록체인 연동 서비스 제공 시스템’
이지팜-식탁이있는삶, ‘Blocery’ 경쟁력 강화 전략적
파트너십 체결
COIC Blocery와 함께 신선식품 유통 혁신을
선도할 것
블록체인 기반 농산물 계약재배 직거래 플랫폼
‘BLOCERY(블로서리)’ ‘2018 블록체인 엑스포’